Coconut water for hydration

Coconut water is ‘all the rage’ at the moment, as my Dad would say. With so many brands out there, it’s hard to know which ones are best from a nutritional perspective.

Did you know: Majority (if not all) of packaged/bottle coconut waters are pasteurised, not to mention many have additional sugar or sweeteners added. This process of pasteurisation involves heating the water to 100 degrees, then allowing to cool. This unfortunately damages most of the nutrients available in fresh coconut water.

As I have been practicing Bikram and hot yoga for many years now, I’ve been on the hunt for the best coconut water I can use to hydrate pre and post yoga classes, to keep my electrolytes balanced.

The best product I’ve come across to date is Loving Earth’s Coconut Water Powder. How is it different you ask? It has been dehydrated at low temperature to retain the nutrients, and you simply just need to stir the powder into a glass of water to re-hydrate the powder.

It is also very useful after those nights where you’ve had too much alcohol or processed foods – replenishing lost minerals and electrolytes, alkalising the PH of your body and quenching your thirst!

However, fresh (and organic where possible) is always best. My favourite fresh coconuts are from Bali – they’re the size of your head!!

Bali coconut