Ever dreamed of quitting your job and following your passions?

I think we’ve all been there.. Doing something we love and are passionate about, we wonder to ourselves, ‘if only I could do this for a living’! Whether it be a mid-life crisis or wanting a change in career or life path sparking our imagination, most of us let self-doubt and fear of failure talk us out of any far-fetched ideas. But…what if we took a step into the unknown, and summoned the courage to out-weigh against the risk involved?

Meet the courageous and inspiring people who did just that…

Today I had the opportunity to attend Melbourne Vegan Festival. I walked in unsure of what to expect, but walked out completely blown away and inspired. Here were a few of the highlights from my day:

Thug Kitchen: Eat like you give a f*ck www.thugkitchen.com – IG: @ thugkitchen

If you haven’t heard of these guys or their New York Times bestselling cookbook, boy are you in for a treat!

Starting out in their Californian apartment, working regular jobs to pay their bills, they had a passion. Michelle, a long time vegan, enjoyed to cook and experiment in the kitchen, despite having no training whatsoever. Matt, a long time vegetarian, was only too happy to be Michelle’s ‘guinea pig’: taste testing and recipe attempting to ensure man-friendly approval. From there, they created a blog, with the goal of making delicious vegan recipes that even carnivores would want to eat. Their success spiraled, between Gwyneth Paltrow shining the spotlight on their delicious creations and witty marketing, to eventually being offered a book deal and making the New York Times bestseller list for many months in a row… Yet all the while still remaining humble despite their success, seemingly still pinching themselves that their outlandish and often scrutinised edge on healthy eating had gone viral.

I couldn’t wait to get my recipe book home and put it to the test. Michelle had touted the chickpea and broccoli burrito recipe as being a staple in their household, and a crowd favourite. I decided to give it a shot, however short of tortillas turned it into a burrito bowl instead. Not only was it simple and quick to prepare, but mighty tasty to boot! Yes siree, it barely lasted long enough to photograph….

Thug kitchen

Check out the trailer for their cookbook below (not for those easily offended by swearing)…Two words: bloody brilliant!

**WARNING** Side effects may include: Feeling better, looking fly as f*ck, saving some goddamn money, and in some cases, increased culinary competence which could lead to being a skilled son-of-a-b*tch in the kitchen.

LOVING EARTH – Founder Scott Fry – www.lovingearth.net – IG: @ loving_earth

Scott is a true inspiration. Living in India at the time, Scott found a passion for cacao beans and wanted to produce great quality, sustainable, raw vegan chocolate. Travelling to South America, Scott, with a loan from a friend, working with local farmers in Mexico, brought a small supply back to Australia with him, and started experimenting. Operating from his house, selling his products online as a 1-man show, Scott’s philosophy stood for healthy, sustainable, and fair products. Fast track to today, Scott operates a hugely successful business with a loyal customer base and large product line, from raw vegan chocolate to superfoods. Scott prides himself in working with indigenous cultures within Australia and overseas to acquire sustainable and fair products, and his passion for quality speaks for itself in his products.

I was a fan of his products prior to today (I should have shares in Loving Earth), but after hearing what he’s about, I’m even more committed to supporting everything his company stands for. To see more of Loving Earth’s products, supplier information or recipe e-books, check out their website.


Bake Mixes www.bakemixes.com.au – IG: @ bakemixes

A delicious range of organic, vegan, healthy and nutritious pre-packaged ingredients to whip up the easiest and yummiest treats in no time! Also a great gift idea for those friends/family who are time poor or severely cooking-disabled.

I highly recommend the banana muffin and chewy muesli bar mixes – nom nom

Bake Mixes

Vegan festival goodies

Good Brew Kombucha – www.goodbrew.com.au – IG: @ goodbrewco

If you aren’t familiar with the health benefits of kombucha, I recommend you try some and notice the difference in how you feel. High in probiotics and B12 among others, kombucha is basically a healthy soft drink – tasty and good for you!

Good Brew Co are a sustainable brewing company with a range of beverages available. With a medicinal approach to flavouring their kombucha’s, you’re bound to find a flavour combo to target a specific ailment or enhance overall well-being.

Some health benefits of consuming kombucha:

  • Naturally occurring probiotics help maintain healthy gut flora
  • Enhances the absorption of minerals
  • Improves digestion
  • Fights candida overgrowth
  • Stabilizes moods
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Reducing or eliminating depression and anxiety
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Chronic disease resistance
  • Increased immunity

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