Healthy Substitutions

We read a lot these days about what we should be avoiding consuming, leaving little to the imagination. It can be overwhelming, but needn’t be. See below my suggestions to incorporate more healthy and nutritious plant-based options into your daily diet.

Swap soft drink for kombucha

Kombucha is super tasty, fizzy, and tastes much like soft drink, without the added chemicals and including lots of healthy probiotics and enzymes. Try it with your kids, it’s a great healthy alternative. You can buy kombucha in all good health stores, many which have natural fruit essences added when being bottled for a great flavour kick!



Swap dairy for a dairy-free and soy-free alternative

Dairy not agreeing with you but struggling to give up on your cheesy lasagna? No worries my friend! After going vegan I went years without hot chocolates, toasted cheese sangas (sandwiches) and cheesy lasagna, as the only dairy free options at that time were soy based and loaded with ingredients I could not pronounce nor wanted to consume (aside from my being allergic to soybeans). I’ve only recently discovered BioCheese which is made from coconut oil and is 1) insanely delicious, 2) melts like dairy cheese, and 3) is stocked in Woolworths!! I’ve even tried and tested it on my boyfriend, and he gave it two thumbs up 🙂 There are also many dairy and soy alternative milks on the market nowadays, however be sure to check the ingredients to ensure there are no added processed sugar or preservatives.

Swap table salt for Himalayan pink salt

Table salt is toxic and mineral deficient, causing fluid retention, plaque on your arteries, dehydration, high cholesterol…the list goes on. Throw it in the bin and invest in some good quality Himalayan pink salt. It’s all natural, and is the most mineral dense salt found on the planet. It’s hydrating, restoring mineral levels within the body. Many girls I used to do Bikram yoga with used it as a hydrator in water prior to class, which I’ve also tried and tested.

Swap pickled vegetables with Sauerkraut or Kim Chi

I have been trying to implement more fermented foods into my diet lately, and have become obsessed with Byron Bay carrot Superkraut. I add it as an accompaniment to most of my meals now, and find it the tastiest and best way to get your probiotic intake easily each day. Super tasty and often saves the need for unhealthy sauces or seasoning of meals.


Swap all your cooking oils for coconut oil

The effects of heating on most regular cooking oils is well researched and outcomes are frightening. Cooking oils which are unstable at high temperatures turn toxic and are shown to be carcinogenic (cancer causing). Save your extra virgin olive oil for salad dressing and switch to extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil for all your cooking needs. High in healthy fats, coconut oil remains stable at high temperatures and does not smoke.

Swap your deep fryer for an air fryer

Air fryers use only 1 tsp of oil and create all your fried favourites in a healthy way.


Swap processed desserts and sweets for vegan alternatives

Vegan desserts are THE BEST! I’ve won all of my family, friends and work colleagues over with my vegan desserts and they were none-the-wiser! You can pretty much Google any dessert and put the words ‘vegan recipe’ in your search and you’ll find a guilt-free nutritious and unprocessed alternative. Check out my ‘What Do Vegans Really Eat’ post for some of my favourite sweet treat vegan recipes.


Swap your breakfast cereal for a green smoothie

Green smoothies are what got me started with my health kick years ago. They’re the easiest way to jam pack nutrients into a cup for fast consumption, and meet most of your fibre requirements and sustain abundant energy throughout the day. If this is the only switch you’re able to make, you will feel a millions bucks in no time! There are plenty of green smoothie recipes on the Internet, or check out my guide to my basics and optional extras for my morning smoothie on my ‘What do Vegans really eat?’ blog post.


Swap half your meal for a raw plant-based option

Not only will this switch enable better digestion of your meal due to all the enzymes in the raw portion (cooking destroys these enzymes), but will increase your energy levels and avoid the food coma whilst your body struggles to produce enzymes to break down your cooked meal.

A great tasting and versatile healthy raw vegan coleslaw recipe by my health guru Kemi Nekvapil is my lastest obsession, and my Mum has also even asked me for the recipe. I’d highly recommend!


Swap wheat pasta for zucchini pasta

Get yourself a good spiralizer and turn carrot or zucchini into pasta-like strips which may be blanched or mixed raw with your favourite pasta sauce creations, minus the processed ‘carb coma’.


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  1. Phoebe Spalding says:

    Your words would inspire anyone Wifey! You’ve come such a long way with your plant based lifestyle & are so knowledgeable in the industry, you express your way as a blogger/ writer in ways to that really encourage existing vegans and inspire non vegans to realise how easy & sustainable a lifestyle like this can be! Keep it up, I love reading your stuff ❤️🍍

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