My Go-To Light Meals & Snacks

– Veggie Sushi –

Grab yourself a sushi mat, watch a YouTube video for technique, and get rolling! Most days I have a fresh bowl of sushi rice in the fridge for spontaneous meal prep. Sushi makes great picnic and platter snacks!

Fill with your favourite veggies and a slice of mango if you like mixing your fruit and veggies 🙂

My staples – mango or sweet potato, lettuce, capsicum, shaved carrot and zucchini.

Serve with tamari or coconut aminos.

sushi-3  sushi-2

– Zucchini Pasta –

Invest in a spiralizer – you won’t regret it! Cook up a saucepan of your favourite pasta sauce and serve on top of your spiralized zucchini, sweet potato or carrot. Top with vegan cheese or nutritional yeast flakes.


– Salad –

And no, not the kind you’d get as a side at a steak restaurant that you’d turn your nose up at. Salads can be everything you want them to be – tasty and filling!

Base items: Cos lettuce, spinach, tomato, cucumber, mango, coriander or parsley, capsicum.

Additional items: veggie patties, quinoa, beans, lentils, roast vegetables, vegan cheese.

Serve with a glass of kombucha and a side of guacamole, salsa and healthy corn chips if you’re feeling fancy!


– Tacos –

I love cooking Mexican cuisine – it’s probably my favourite. Tasty, fresh and quick.

Fill a warmed corn tortilla with roast pumpkin, guacamole, cucumber, tomato, capsicum, coriander, chipotle beans (heat up chipotle chilli’s in adobo sauce, garlic, kidney/black beans, blackstrap molasses, and a splash of veggie stock) or refried beans. Top with leftover roasted pumpkin seeds sprinkled with paprika.



– Rice Paper Rolls –

These are so simply and tasty! And you can pretty much fill them with anything you fancy.

The trick to getting the rice paper just perfect is not in fact dipping the whole sheet of rice paper into warm water as this oversaturates it, making it prone to tear. I know right, we’ve all been doing it wrong all this time!! I actually learnt this tip from the Vietnamese during a recent trip to Vietnam where we did a cooking class in Mui Ne. To dampen the sheet of rice paper, simply submerge your hand in water, then remove and wipe down one side of the paper, turning over and repeating. It may not feel wet enough, but by the time you’ve filled your sheet with your filling ingredients and rolled up, it will be perfect!

Fillings: cooked rice noodles, coriander, mango, fresh corn off the cob, chilli, capsicum, cabbage, sauerkraut, avocado, tomatoes, sweet potato.

Rice paper rolls 2

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