Essential Oils

My oils are essential to my healthy lifestyle. I don’t quite know what I’d do without them now; they’ve become my medicine cabinet, spice rack, herb pot, flavouring essences, air freshener, cleaning products, chakra balancing, insect repellent, beauty creams, …ok, you get my point!

Essential oils are more than just scents – they’re the very life blood of a plant, leaf, or fruit, bottling up the vibrational frequency and nutrient value into a concentrated form.

Like anything I put in my mouth or on my skin, product quality is so important. Not all essential oils are equal; some are made up with fillers, and are not organic. BareOils are my EO of choice – 100% pure, certified organic, 1st distilled and of therapeutic grade.

EO’s are able to cross the blood brain barrier and nourish every cell in our body, improving our overall health, digestion, circulation, sleep, positive moods, and immunity.

Given my love and advocation for YorHealth products (oils, body products, supplements) it was a big “YES” from me when I was recently welcomed to the YorHealth team. Now I get the pleasure of being able to share these products with you all – my tips and tricks for my favourite oils, their benefits and uses.

If you’d like to know more about the BareOils or YorHealth products, feel free to contact me on shilo at I’m Melbourne-based and we regularly host speciality nights for people interested in testing out the products and learning more – whether it be focused on aromatherapy [read: blends for mood boosting, relaxation, or to target respiratory issues], DIY beauty products [read: anti-aging facial cream, lemongrass and coconut body butter, or clove and coconut oil-pulling], or how to incorporate the oils into your diet [read: delicious peppermint chocolates, basil pesto, and grapefruit sparkling spritzer].


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