My name is Shilo and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I work in the corporate world as an Executive Assistant, however I am extremely passionate about nutritional medicine and living a holistic lifestyle. I find inspiring others on their own health journey incredibly rewarding, and I thought what better way to get some simple information out there for people to take advantage of than creating a blog (also a creative outlet for myself so I can stop driving my family and friends bonkers over health facts and tips!!).

Pineapple and banana haul


In 2012, I was invited to a corporate female networking event dinner. Little would I know at that time that this night would be the start of something amazing!

The facilitator for the evening was Raw Food guru Kemi Nekvapil, who also had the chefs recreate some of her amazing recipes for our tables for the evening. Kemi spoke on empowering women and how to nourish yourself holistically. Hilarious and inspiring, it was clear Kemi was a game-changer in the health industry; she beamed energy and vitality. Her secret? ‘Add more raw’ to your diet. She wasn’t about drastic overhauls or going cold turkey. Her gentle suggestion was to just add 1 green smoothie to your day, and see how you feel – how incredibly simple and easy I thought!

Kemi had sown the seeds in my mind. I added green smoothies to my daily routine and couldn’t believe the vitality and health benefits I received, not to mention digestion that I’d never seen functioning better. I felt amazing. I bought her recipe book and starting doing ‘raw weeks’ – I was addicted to feeling so good!

I cut down my animal product intake to once a week, then as of Dec 2013 I decided I no longer wanted to eat animal products and essentially became Vegan. And I’ve never felt better, been healthier, or lived life with such purpose.

Now here I am, realising how much I want to share my knowledge with others that are wanting to restore or increase their health. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I’ve enjoyed pouring my soul into it!



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